When you are looking at purchasing a home in New South Wales there are many options to consider. There is the size of the home, the type of home you would like to live in and your budget. A major factor to consider is whether you get a house builder to build your house or buy a house that is already built. Here are 3 key differences betweengetting home builders Penrith areas and buying an existing house:

  1. The Cost Factor

When getting a house builder stamp duty is paid only on the purchase price of the land. When buying an existing home stamp duty is payable on both the house and land.

Although there is just one set price when you buy an existing home, when you build your home through Bonza Home Design Penrith you can control the budget. You know how much each item will cost and can specify how much you want to spend on floor coverings, the kitchen, bathroom fittings and landscaping.

An existing home often has repair and maintenance costs involved. When you have your home built by a reputable house builder it will be many years before anything will need repairing or replacing.

The First Home Owner Grant is available for people who are building their first homes. This grant is not available for those purchasing existing homes.

  1. The House Design

When you get a home builder you have the luxury of designing your dream home. There is nothing quite like designing your home exactly as you want it to be! You choose the design, the materials, the colours, whether it is one or two storey and exactly how you want your rooms to be set out. You know you are going to love your home because you chose your dream design!

  1. Energy Efficiency

As a new home is made from brand new materials and appliances it is extremely energy efficient. Electricity costs are lower and a higher quality insulation ensures that it will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This saves you money, is more comfortable, and is also great in terms of the environmental impact.

The above differences are factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to get a house builder or buy a house. At Bonza Homes we are experienced home builders Blue Mountains, Penrith and surrounding areas. Contact us today!