When you are buying your first home you are making along-term investment financially, and also are investing in your lifestyle. This will be home that you will live in for many years. Making a decision on whether to buy an existing home, purchase off the plan or having a home built can be tough.

Having your new home built by Bonza Home Builders Blue Mountains area has a host of advantages. Here are some of the benefits of getting home builders for your first home:

You Can Choose a Unique Design

When you have your home built specifically for you, you can choose your own design. You will be choosing a design that you love – you do not have to settle on features that are not quite to your taste as you may do when you purchase an existing home.

Quality Home Builders

When you hire a quality home builder you know that your home is constructed soundly. You have input at each step of the building process. At Bonza Homes, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and over 20 years of experience as home builders Penrith NSW and Blue Mountains areas.


There will be no up-front maintenance costs when you hire home builders to build your new home. You do not have concerns about wiring, hot water systems, plumbing or guttering needing replacing.

A new home will not be effected by termite damage and there will not be any structural problems with the property.

First Home Owner Grant

The first home owner grant of $10,000 is available to new home buyers in Penrith and the Blue Mountains areas. There is no grant available for existing homes.


Getting home builders for your first home is a move that will have you saving money on maintenance costs andwill give you access to the first home owner grant. You will be the owner of a soundly constructed home, in a design and style that you absolutely love. Contact us to find out more about new home design Penrith and Blue Mountians areas.