When you build your first home in New South Wales, you want something that has a great look and feel, you love living in, and is built to last. Durable, long lasting, low maintenance materials will be comfortable, sustainable and give a great feel to your first home.


The materials that you choose for your walls affect how your home looks on both the inside and the outside. It determines protection for the elements such as fire, wind and physical stress and the energy efficiency of your home. The interior of your walls need to be safe, easy to keep clean and well-matched to the lighting in your new home. Liaise with your home builders in Parramatta areas and choose good quality materials for your walls.

Framing Materials Provided by your Home Builders in Penrith, Parramatta and Surrounding Areas

Lightweight framing materials are widely used by us as your new home builders in Blacktown and surrounding areas. The two most common framing materials are steel and timber which contribute to the comfort and aesthetics of your new home.


Quality brickwork is a large component in determining the strength and durability of the exterior of your home. Bricks vary in the way that they impact the environment, their insulation capabilities, fire resistance, resistance to vermin and their ability to keep out moisture. You also want a design that looks great! As renowned home builders in Paramatta areas, we have a range of durable, sustainable bricks to choose from. There is sure to be something that you will love for your first home.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Comfort and cost-effectiveness of your home can be maximised by choosing the correct materials for your home, and greatly reducing its impact on the environment.

Avoid unnecessary linings and finishes, and choose durable and low maintenance materials that are long-lasting.Our lightweight framing, quality brickwork, and superior building materials are all environmentally friendly and sustainable.

When you are building your first home having quality sustainable materials will keep you comfortable, look great and keep your electricity and running costs down. When looking for expert home builders in Blacktown, Parramatta and surrounding areas contact us at Bonza Homes.