A double storey homes has unique benefits for new families. When deciding on single or double storey homes, block size,lifestyle and budget will affect your decision. Bonza Home Builders Blue Mountains and Penrith areas take the following information into account when designing homes for families. 

You Can Have a Bigger Home on a Smaller Block

Having a double storey home leaves plenty of usable space in the back yard. There is room for a pool, garage or outdoor entertaining area. You can fully utilise your land area with a two storey home. There is also much more room for your children to play both indoors and out, and a bigger yard for your pets.

A Better View

The increased elevation that a double storey home gives your family affords you a terrific view. Balconies are a standout feature of two storey homes – great for parents to retreat to and wind down after a long day. A loft is an option which creates a sense of space in your home. When organising their home design Penrith and New South Wales residents with young families commonly favour double storey houses.

Double Storey is Not Double Price

Although a two storey home is generally around 10-15% more than a single storey, you will have much more room. You will be able to purchase a smaller block which will save you money overall. At Bonza Home Builders Penrith we have a range of quality unique designs at competitiveprices.

Great for families

In a two storey home there are generally two separate living spaces which is perfect for lifestyle needs. Children and teenagers can retreat to another area of the house when friends are over and they are playing music, gaming etc, leaving their parents to relax in a separate space. A double storey home is the idealhome to live in long term as it is great when the children are small and also when they become teenagers. You will not have to move for many, many years.

Choose an Ideal Layout

When designing your double storey home consider where the bedrooms and bathrooms are locatedin the house. You may choose to have the parents room downstairs with the children upstairs. Two living areas – one on each floor - is a great idea.

A two storey home is safe. Safety balustrades by staircases are mandatory in new homes.Double storey homes are ideal for newand growing families as there is ample space both inside and outside. The backyard is bigger with more play area for both children and pets when you have a double storey home. When choosing your home design Penrith and surrounds, contact us.