When you are building a new home there is a host of benefits to choosing a single story over a double story home. One of the main benefits of building a new home with Bonza Homes is that you get to choose your design and style. As renowned home builders in Penrith, Paramatta, Blacktown and surrounds, we find that some of the best benefits of single-story homes are:

The Overall Price is Cheaper

When you are buying a home you can select the best design for you and your budget. A single story home is usually a cheaper design than a double story home. At Bonza Home Builders Penrith our single story homes are the most popular choice for young families.

There is No Need to Climb Up and Down the Stairs

In a double story home, you can spend a lot of time going up and down the stairs. Having everything on one level is a good thing for the elderly, and also for young children. Consider your stage of life when deciding whether to get a single or double story home.

Having A Single Storey Home Built by your Home Builders in Parramatta Areas Ensures a Quieter Home

Noise can travel from the upper story to the downstairs area in a two-story house. Teenager’s music, gaming, and the sound of kids and adults climbing the stairs can all create noise in a double story home and can make sleeping difficult. When your home builders in Parramatta areas build one story above the noise is contained.

There is No Wasted Space

Single story homes have much less wasted space. In a double story home, the stairs are an obvious area where space is wasted. In a single story home, this space can be used for a larger living area.

Single story homes are a popular option when building a new home. Our one-story designs are well constructed, affordable and are a great option for young and growing families, as well as for those who are aging. As luxury home builders in Blacktown, Penrith and surrounds we have a range of affordable single store designs to choose from.